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RCI Points

When you are thinking trading a timeshare, learn how to buy RCI Points through Vacation Timeshare Resales - and discover true timeshare exchange flexibility.

RCI  Points is a very flexible, next-generation timeshare exchange concept.  RCI has taken each timeshare week and assigned a point value that RCI Point Members may use to take a vacation. In comparison to the eight day/ sevn night segment of RCI weeks, RCI Points offers more flexibility by allowing members to exchange for daily/ nightly accommodations, varying bedroom accommodations, trade up or down into to different demand periods. When you buy RCI Points, the points can also be redeemed for airline tickets, cruises, hotels, and rental cars. Of course, members can also receive points to use each year to book villa and cottage accommodations in over 3700  RCI resorts worldwide. Rather than traditional timeshare weeks where members stay at the same resort for a week each year, RCI Points members are allocated points each year to use for vacation accommodations available through RCI.
Highlights of the RCI Points program include:

RCI Points can be used as your own vacation “currency” - a “vacation checking account” if you will.  Use RCI Points to pay for timeshare accommodations, airline tickets, rental cars, even ski lift tickets and theme park admission.

With RCI Points you can reserve partial weeks -- one night, two nights or as many as you like. This works most like a hotel reservation.

As a RCI Points member, you can book your vacations online anytime or call a single toll free number.  RCI Online offers members an opportunity to see and book available inventory in real time 24/7.

Existing timeshare owners that buy RCI Points can combine any non-points week with their new RCI Points membership and get many times more vacation fun. In those instances where you may need extra points, RCI Points can be purchased to "top off" the points required for an exchange request.

As a points member you still get access to bonus weeks, instant exchanges and the great benefits of RCI membership.

Interested in Purchasing RCI Points?

Vacation Timeshare Resales specializes in RCI Points. More importantly you can save thousands of dollars when purchasing RCI Points from us compared to buying directly from the developer. Whether you wish to buy, sell, or rent a timeshare it makes sense to discover the many benefits of working with the licensed real estate professionals at Vacation Timeshare Resales, Incorporated for your timeshare needs. Email or give us a call today to see how we may be of service to you.

RCI Points Quick Facts

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