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RCI Points

Frequently Asked Questions

What is RCI?

Resort Condominiums International is the largest timeshare exchange company and has served the timeshare industry for over 25 years.  RCI is affiliated with 3700 resorts worldwide and is a division of Wyndham Worldwide, one of the largest hotel and leisure travel companies in the world.


What are RCI Points?

RCI Points is a highly flexible, next-generation timeshare exchange program. Members receive points to use each year to book accommodations in literally thousands of resorts worldwide. Rather than traditional timeshare weeks where members stay at the same resort for a week each year, RCI Points members are allotted their points each year to use for vacation accommodations.


Do I buy RCI Points from RCI?

No.  RCI developed and manages the program.  You may buy RCI Points from RCI Points resorts and resellers.  Vacation Timeshare Resales is a RCI Points reseller.


How much are RCI Points?

RCI Points are typically priced on a per point basis.  You may purchase as many or as few RCI Points as you need.  New RCI Points members pay a minimum one-time upfront cost for a points membership and a recurring maintenance fee each year


How can I get multiple weeks of usage with Instant Exchanges?

If your lifestyle and schedule allows you or your family members to travel 45 days or less from your desired check-in date, you may exchange for a RCI resort for only 9000 Points!


How many Instant Exchange weeks can I get per year with my Points?

As many increments of 9000 Points you have available in your Points account.

As an example, if you have 36,000 Points allocated to RCI points account  annually. Divide 36,000 by 9000 and you get 4. So, if you may travel up to four times per year on a short notice basis, i.e., you could get as many as 4 weeks of vacation with your Points.


Do I have to pay additional Maintenance Fees for the weeks I get on Instant Exchanges?

No. That’s one of the most exciting parts about Instant Exchanges. You pay your regular annual maintenance fee, but have the opportunity to get multiple weeks of use per year.


Do I pay additional Exchange Fees?

Yes. When you use your RCI Points to vacation at a weeks resort, whether on and Instant Exchange or regular use week, you will pay the required Exchange Fee for each week you use.


Can I use Instant Exchanges during Red Time and Gold Crown Resorts?

Yes! This is another exciting opportunity with Instant Exchanges. Any RCI Weeks deposited inventory that is still available in the system 45 days or less from your desired check-in date is available for Instant Exchange use. Think about the possibilities!


Have a question of your own? Give us a call to discuss the many options available to you with RCI Points. Call today - 1-800-248-2897

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