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Differences with Buying Marriott Timeshare in the Resale Market 

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Buy a Marriott timeshare resale from us with confidence knowing you and your family will enjoy years of unforgettable vacations with great Marriott vacation ownership benefits.

Vacation Timeshare Resales is one of the largest resellers of Marriott Vacation Club (MVC) timeshare resale worldwide. It is important to us that you have the correct information when making a decision to purchase a Marriott timeshare resale from us. We are often asked what differences exist in purchasing from us when compared to buying timeshare from Marriott. 

Savings - Buying Marriott timeshare resales from us will save you thousands of dollars. Simply said, one can save $4,000 to $10,000 or more in purchasing a Marriott timeshare resale through Vacation Timeshare Resales, Incorporated. Many of our buyers who choose to purchase their timeshare through us are looking to get the best value for their timeshare dollar.

Clear Title - All timeshares we sell are closed through a real estate attorney or title company. All Marriott Vacation Club timeshare resales are reviewed by the attorney for clear title and current maintenance fees. A closing cannot occur until clear title and current maintenance fees and assessments are assured by your real estate attorney or closing agent. Additionally, title insurance is available at closing.

Financing - Some buyers may elect to finance a portion of the Marriott timeshare resale purchase. Vacation Timeshare Resales offers financing through various resources. Many of these lending institutions financing to the timeshare  industry - both developer and resale timeshare markets. Financing rates and terms are very competitive with developer financing. In many instances, our lenders offer better rates and terms than found from the timeshare developer.

Marriott Customer Service - Buyers purchasing timeshare from our company enjoy the same level of customer service from Marriott as purchasing directly from Marriott Vacation Club. Any representations to the contrary are inaccurate and wrong.  Additionally, all Marriott Vacation Club owners have equal access to reserving inventory annually. Buying in the resale market does not affect your ability to make a reservation in any way.

Marriott Rewards - Marriott’s hotel frequent traveler program - Marriott Rewards - is not included when buy timeshare through Vacation Timeshare Resales. All buyers however do have full access to trading or exchanging their Marriott timeshare resale through all MVC timeshare resorts and Interval International.

Marriott Vacation Club Exchanges - All Marriott timeshare resales purchased through us may be traded or exchanged for any other Marriott Vacation Club resort. Membership in Interval International is required in order to make Marriott internal exchanges. If you choose to buy a Marriott resale, you will undoubtedly want to join Interval International to take full advantage of exchange opportunities with Marriott’s timeshare system.

Interval International - All Marriott timeshare resales purchased through our company participate in Interval International. Purchasers may purchase an annual membership in Interval International. For additional savings, many timeshare owners choose to purchase a multiyear membership in Interval International.

Vacation Timeshare Resales believes purchasing a resale through us should be enjoyable and convenient. Additionally, your satisfaction and ease in buying a timeshare through us are important. Please feel free to ask your licensed real estate representative any additional questions that will may make your purchasing decision with us a more satisfying experience.

Want to buy a Marriott resale? Need to sell a Marriott resale? To learn more about the many benefits of buying or selling a Marriott Vacation Club timeshare resale, current inventory, or pricing?  Please contact us at 1-800-248-2897.

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