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Timeshare Financing

Some purchasers may opt to use a lending institution to buy a timeshare resale. Financing options are numerous for buyers interested in securing a loan. The numerous options to financing a timeshare purchase include:

Specialty Financing. Some buyers may elect to finance a portion of their  timeshare resale purchase using a third party specialty finance company.Numerous sources offer financing options to buyers looking to finance timeshare resales. More importantly, financing rates and terms are typically more favorable to a buyer when compared to developer financing.

Credit Unions. For many buyers that belong to a credit union, financing may be found at attractive member interest rates. Most credit unions will finance the entire amount your timeshare purchase through a personal or "signature" loan on approval of credit.

Home Equity Lines Of Credit. Many purchasers with a good percentage of equity in their home can enjoy financing at below developer interest rates the entire amount of their timeshare purchase in a home equity line of credit.


Have a Question regarding Financing a Timeshare?

Vacation Timeshare Resales specializes in luxury hotel timeshare worldwide. Buyers can save thousands of dollars in comparison to hotel developer pricing and enjoy exceptional ownership benefits.

To learn more about timeshare financing, buying, or selling at a particular luxury hotel timeshare, please contact us at 1-800-248-2897.

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